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Teen Volunteering: Online Service Projects

Volunteer from home, earn service hours

Students in grades 7–12: You can help others without leaving home and earn volunteer hours, too! This online teen volunteer program is completely flexible: no library card required; no application or training; volunteer when it fits your schedule; no minimum or maximum hours. Do what you can, when you can! And you'll make a positive difference in the world. 

Fall program runs from September 6 through December 2, 2022.

How to Volunteer

How to volunteer

  • Browse the "volunteer activities" listed below.
    • Choose a project that interests you.  
    • There is no minimum or maximum for the number of activities you complete to earn hours.
  • Follow the directions for completing the activity on the organization's website.
  • Take a photo or screenshot of your finished volunteer project (e.g. drawing, transcription, coloring project, letter, card, etc.). You don't have to be in the photo!
  • To get credit for your volunteer activity you must submit a Service Projects form.
    • Upload a photo or screenshot of your volunteer activity to the form. If you do not submit a form, you will not receive any credit or hours for your volunteer work. 
    • Submit all forms no later than Friday, December 2, 2022. 
  • Staff will review all submissions before awarding service credits or validating hours after the end of the program.
  • The library cannot supervise and fulfill court mandated community service hours.

Service Hours & Certificates

Service hours

Service hours will be totaled for all volunteers who successfully complete activities and submit all forms after the program ends on December 2.


Certificates will be emailed to the email address we have on file. It includes your name, total hours that you volunteered, and the coordinator's signature. Email Diane Presta at if you did not receive your certificate or have any questions.


Volunteer hours can only be verified after the program ends on December 2. After you receive your certificate, you or your school representative may email verification forms or links to Diane Presta at

Volunteer at Home: Activities List Fall 2022

Volunteer activities

  • Choose from a variety of volunteer activities below that can be completed at home or online.
  • Follow the directions for the activity in the description or on the organization's website to complete your volunteer work. 
  • Check the requirements for each individual activity on how to earn volunteer hours listed in the descriptions below. 
  • Please read each Volunteer Activity description and requirements carefully to earn volunteer hours. 

All volunteer activities require you to submit a Service Projects Form for volunteer hour(s) approval and validation. 

How this works:

For Example:

The "By the People" activity earns you 2 volunteer hours each time you transcribe a document. If you transcribe three (3) documents, complete and submit three (3) Service Projects Forms (one for each document) to earn 6 volunteer hours.

The "Cards for Hospitalized Kids" activity earns you 1 volunteer hour each time you decorate 1 card. If you decorate 5 cards, submit five (5) Service Projects Forms (one for each card) to earn all 5 volunteer hours.



When you finish an activity...

  • Include a photo/screenshot with every form
  • No limit on the number of volunteer activities/forms
  • Submit all forms no later than Friday, December 2, 2022

Questions? Contact coordinator Diane Presta at or call 224-543-1485 during library hours.


Returning in 2023

Do some good where you are again next spring. A new session, including new opportunities, begins January 10 and runs through April 14, 2023. Check back here for details or sign up to receive teen emails.

Teen Volunteer Coordinator

Contact Information

Diane Presta


Phone: 224-543-1485