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ELL Conversation Partner : ELL Volunteers

English Language Learning Conversation Partners

How to volunteer? 

We are currently accepting volunteers for the English Language Learning Conversation Program. You can volunteer virtually or in person. If you are interested in volunteering for this program, please complete a volunteer application.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator Cory Sesko at for more information.

How does it work? 

Patrons who would like to practice their English in a one-on-one setting fill out a request form. A librarian will match the patron with a volunteer with similar availability, confirm with the patron, and reserve the study room or create a Google Meet meeting. A librarian will email the Google Meet link to the patron and volunteer. 

During the 45-minute session, the ELL volunteer will engage in a casual conversation with the patron. Conversation topics and sample questions will be provided during training. Games and conversation starter flash cards will be available for you to use during the in person session. 

How do I record my volunteer hours? 

Fill out this form after your session to record your offsite or virtual volunteer hours with the Vernon Area Public Library. If you volunteered inside the library, sign in and out using VicNet on the computer in the Community Engagement and Programming office. 

Is there a minimum number of hours needed?

No, you are not required to complete a minimum number of hours per month in order to remain an ELL volunteer. We are unable to predict the frequency in which patrons will sign up for sessions. 

Do I need to speak another language to be an ELL Volunteer?

No, it is not required to speak another language other than English.