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Local History

Information about historical figures at rest in the Vernon Cemetery, Lake County, Illinois.

Nicolaus Holst

Born: 1805
Died: February 28, 1887

  • Born in Holstein, Germany
  • Immigrated with family through Castle Garden, NY, in 1854
  • Farmer in Vernon Township

Holst timeline

Life of Nicolaus Holst in relation to historical events and other area figures.

Three-masted barque

Three-masted barque

The Holst family arrived on a ship like this called the NORDAMERIKA. The NORDAMERIKA was owned by the Hamburg America Line. This was a three-masted barque rigged vessel of 419 gross tons built in 1848. Wooden construction, cargo 200 tons and passenger accommodation for 20-1st class and 200 steerage and a crew of 17. Laid down in 1848 as the AMERIKA but renamed to avoid confusion with another German ship of that name, she was used on the Hamburg - New York service until 1858 when she was sold to Norwegian owners. Broken up in 1868. [Merchant Fleets in Profile by Duncan Haws, vol.4, Hamburg America Line]

Castle Garden exterior illustration

Castle Garden

The Holst family immigrated through Castle Garden.

Castle Garden interior illustration

Castle Garden interior

1907 map of Prairie View

Map showing Holst property, 1907