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GoPro Cameras: Home

This guide will help you to get started using a VAPLD GoPro.

Check out a GoPro HERO

GoPros are available for VAPLD cardholders ages 12 and up to check-out. They check-out for two weeks and are not renewable. They can be placed on hold. GoPros are checked out and returned to the Circulation Desk. The Basic GoPro kit includes a floating handle and a 3-way handle. In addition, we have a set of extra mounts available for check out, including a head strap and bicycle mount.

Check the Library's catalog for availability and to place a hold on a GoPro HERO.

GoPro Help

Need help getting started?  Check out these links to GoPro Manuals.


Basic Kit Conents

How to Videos

You can also check out the GoPro Channel for more examples of how to rock your own GoPro videos.