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Library Telescopes

In partnership with the Lake County Astronomical Society, we are pleased to offer telescopes for 3-week (non-renewable) checkout to Vernon Area Library cardholders. Holds may be placed.

Place a Hold on a Telescope; Find Astronomy Books

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Search the catalog for astronomy books:

Safe Transportation and Care of the Telescope

  To safely carry the telescope:

  • Adults or older teens should carry the telescope.

  • Rest the telescope on your forearm with the EZ Finder up.

  • Hold the base with your other hand for added support, as shown.

  Proper handling ensures that nothing will break.








  To safely transport the telescope in your vehicle:

  • Only adults with a driver’s license may transport the telescope.

  • Keep all covers on.

  • Secure the telescope in its own seat using a seatbelt as shown.

  • Never transport the telescope in a trunk, box, or truck bed.





To use and care for the telescope:

• Those under age 18 should be supervised by an adult whenever the telescope is being used.

• Keep all covers on when not in use.

• Keep and use the telescope in a dry place. Wipe off condensation as needed.

• Always place the telescope on a sturdy table or other stable surface.

• If using during the daytime, never look at the sun. Doing so will damage the eyes.

• Do not touch the glass on the eyepiece; keep the eyepiece dry.

• Do not touch the lens inside the telescope.

How to Use the Orion StarBlast Telescope

Telescope Borrower's Responsibilities