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Tough Topics:  

Get help and info when you need it


Lake County Crisis Care Program

Books at the Library

Facing something difficult? Find the information you need to help guide you. No matter your age, you can check out books from anywhere in the library. Use the Dewey (call) numbers below to find books on the shelves. For added privacy, use the self-checkout stations. All patron records are private.

Abuse/incest: 362.76

Abusive relationships: 362.8292, 362.88

Acne/skin care: 616.53, 646.726

Addiction & recovery: 616.8584, 616.86, 616.861

AIDS/HIV: J616.9792

Alcohol: 362.292, 616.861

Anorexia: 616.85262

Birth control: J612.6

Body changes/puberty: J612.6

Body image: 613.0424

Bulimia: 616.85263

Cutting/self-harm: 616.8584

Date/acquaintance rape: 362.883

Depression: 616.8527

Divorce: 306.89

Drugs: 362.29, 616.86

Health/hygiene: 613.0424, 613.0433

LGBTQA: 306.766, 306.768

Pregnancy: 618.2, 618.24

Relationships/dating: 305.235, 306.73

Self-esteem: 305.235

Sex: 306.7081, 306.7082, 613.907

STDs: J612.6

Suicide : 362.28, 616.8527