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3D Printing at Vernon Area Public Library: Info

3D printing is not available at this time

How 3D Printing Works

It all starts with a CAD file called an .stl (STereoLithography). This is a picture with instructions on how to print a design in three dimensions. This file is loaded onto the library's printer software, which is connected to the library's Lulzbot 3D printer. When the Lulzbot is turned on, the printer bed (the surface onto which the filament is melted) and the nozzle heat to upward of 180 degrees Celsius. The PLA filament (a biodegradable formula consisting mostly of cornstarch) is fed through the nozzle, heated, and melted onto the printer bed to build a small 3D object layer by layer. Once the 3D print is complete and has cooled, staff removes your print and alerts you that it's ready for pickup.

Get Started

Explore existing designs and download free .stl files at Thingiverse, an online community that creates and shares designs. You may create your own design with the web-based platform Tinkercad; sign up with your email address. It's also free to download the Cura software from the Lulzbot website, which helps you estimate how long your design will take to print.