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3D Printing at Vernon Area Public Library: Additional Information

It all starts with a CAD file called an .stl (STereoLithography) file. This is a picture with instructions on how to print your image three dimensionally. This file is then loaded onto our printer software and connected to the Lulzbot. Once the Lulzbot is turned on, the printer bed (the surface onto which the filament is melted) and the nozzle heat to upward of 180 degrees Celsius. The PLA filament (biodegradable, a formula consisting mostly of cornstarch) is fed through the nozzle and heated to melt onto the printer bed in the design of your 3D image. Once it cools, staff will then scrape off your print and alert you that it's ready.

3D Printing Services

There are a number of commercial 3D printing services you can utilize if you would like to print larger items. Many of these services also offer the option to print in materials other than PLA. You may also have the option to print in different plastics, metals and ceramic. You can do a quick online search for 3D printing services or check out a one of these services:

3D Hubs