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Coronavirus Info Guide: Info & data

Statistics & data

Lake County data hub - local counts, updated daily

Illinois Department of Health: Lake County - metrics

Statistics - statewide counts, updated daily

Illinois Region 9 - metrics for Lake & McHenry counties

Hospital resource utilization - for the state and each region

Situation summary - U.S. counts, updated daily

Forecasting - projected weekly COVID-19 cases and deaths, based on current data and trends; select by state and/or county



Other reliable resources

Managing information overload

"Right now there are a lot of people feeling overwhelmed with information about coronavirus. We’re in a whirlwind of rumors, hoaxes, and speculation, spreading like the virus itself." First Draft, a nonprofit coalition dedicated to protecting people around the world from misinformation, offers tips on how to separate the helpful from the harmful: read "Too much information, a public guide to navigating the infodemic."

Trend in Illinois cases

April 12: Johns Hopkins University graph showing COVID-19 cases are rising in Illinois, based on the 2-week trend
Line height = 7-day moving average of new cases
Bar height = daily new cases
Background color = red indicates that the 2-week trend in cases is increasing; green means it is decreasing 
Source: Johns Hopkins University


Illinois Secretary of State Office / driver services


  • The U.S. government's REAL ID deadline has been extended to October 1, 2021. Current Illinois driver's licenses or ID cards continue to be accepted at airports, military bases, and secure federal facilities.

Drivers are encouraged to use online services; online payment processing fees are being waived during the pandemic.

Driver services facilities have reopened. Some locations are by appointment only. Learn more:

VISIT Facility Finder

  • input your ZIP code and click or tap 'search'
  • from the results ('facilities listings,' on left side of page), select an office
  • that facility's listing will pop up on the map, at center
  • to find out hours or if an appointment is needed, select 'facility information' on the facility's map listing